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Hand tufted carpet manufacturers

Hand tufted carpet and rugs manufacturing in india

Hand tufted carpets and rugs are mainly manufactured in india in addition to the some other manufacturing countries. The difference in india and other countries are :

1. Different qualities of hand-tufted carpets and rugs can be made at one point

2. Cut pile and loop pile both together and individually can be weaved by single weaver. This means that you dont have to change the weaver,which brings consistency in the weaving

hand-tufted loop cut carpet
cut and loop pile carpet hand-tufted
3. Yarns being used in india are from high grade to low budget. This widely means that yarns being used are 100% new zealand wool as well as normal indian chokla wool or may be indian wool, which is also bikaneri wool. Also some places, wool used with silk or say viscose.

4. Designs which can be weaved may be plain, contemporary, modern or any persian or traditional designs all can be weaved.

5. From weaving to Finishing all is done, by hand.

hand-tufted wool viscose carpet
hand-tufted wool viscose rug

Increase in Demand of Hand tufted Rugs

 Manufacturing and supplying hand-tufted carpets from india has increased last year and this year is shooting up like anything. client are looking for more of indian made hand-tufted rugs in view of the prices, quality and designs which they wish to implement can be done easily. Even some of the very tough designs like painting effect etc are also being done.

Custom hand tufted rugs :

hand-tufted cut pile carpet
Hand-tufted Woolen Rug in cut pile
The most important thing is indians are also suppliers of customised rugs in your design, shape and colours.

Choosing indian supplier is always advisable in all respect.

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