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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Astonishing hand-tufted custom rug made in india

When we look for a rug which is very different and astonishing we make something which won't make you believe that how this can happen!!
Astonishing hand-tufted custom rug
We wish to share our latest creation of hand carved rug which in india we have manufactured for a high end villa overseas.

The best part of this rug is that this is is handmade and hand carved and It took weeks to make this rug look remarkable...

The concept of the designer was to provide them something which should be very different from others and this came out...

These kind of customised rugs can be made in any sizes and colours. Contact us at for more details.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Why your carpets and rugs are not matching with your style?

 carpets and rugs in your style
 carpets and rugs in your style
Have you ever thought that when you wear nice and branded cloths...something smart you feel confident?

Have you ever thought that the carpets or rugs laid on your Floor are not just decorative thing?

Now combine both the wear nice cloths and go out for party or meeting someone... and you feel confident, happy and great...

Now imagine you have some visitor... may be your girlfriend or your relative are happy and confident since you have nice cloths etc etc...but just imagine what will be the case if the decor of your house doesn't fits with your nice nice fit? I mean u have armani jeans or shoes or any other high class item...but your floor still shows that old stale rug that too not a designer or branded...or anything of your taste and size...

We suggest you to please just THINK AGAIN for putting the best of the best high class luxurious rugs in your house as you never know who will ring the door bell when!!!!

Contact us for more guidance on the styles of rugs at

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Hand tufted Carpets Dubai

Hand tufted Carpets-Dubai

When we talk for handtufted carpets for dubai its basically for various places like hotels, apartments, villas, resorts etc, 

handtufted carpets dubai

Qualities of hand tufted carpets :

The qualities of handtufted carpets and rugs ar determined with the weight per sq mtrs along with the pile height. These are commonly categorised as HT-450, 550, 650, 750 and so on.

Most common description is as under :

Item Description : 100% handtufted cut pile      
Construction : 100% handtufted cut pile           
Pile material : 100% Pure wool
Fibre Tex : 380/s Tex 1/180 Dewsburry           
Yarn count : "Z" 130/10 cms approx    
Ply count : "S" 11.4/10cms approx       
Dye method : Skein Dyeing
Pile weight : 88 oz/sq yard (3000 gms psm)      
Pile height : 11mm        
Number of rows : 22-24/100mm         
Primary backing : cotton+poly web      
Secondary backing : 100% cotton cloth           

Latex : SCB 500 natural rubber glue     

To know more about the handtufted carpets for dubai projects you may contact us at

Monday, June 30, 2014

Hand tufted carpet manufacturers

Hand tufted carpet and rugs manufacturing in india

Hand tufted carpets and rugs are mainly manufactured in india in addition to the some other manufacturing countries. The difference in india and other countries are :

1. Different qualities of hand-tufted carpets and rugs can be made at one point

2. Cut pile and loop pile both together and individually can be weaved by single weaver. This means that you dont have to change the weaver,which brings consistency in the weaving

hand-tufted loop cut carpet
cut and loop pile carpet hand-tufted
3. Yarns being used in india are from high grade to low budget. This widely means that yarns being used are 100% new zealand wool as well as normal indian chokla wool or may be indian wool, which is also bikaneri wool. Also some places, wool used with silk or say viscose.

4. Designs which can be weaved may be plain, contemporary, modern or any persian or traditional designs all can be weaved.

5. From weaving to Finishing all is done, by hand.

hand-tufted wool viscose carpet
hand-tufted wool viscose rug

Increase in Demand of Hand tufted Rugs

 Manufacturing and supplying hand-tufted carpets from india has increased last year and this year is shooting up like anything. client are looking for more of indian made hand-tufted rugs in view of the prices, quality and designs which they wish to implement can be done easily. Even some of the very tough designs like painting effect etc are also being done.

Custom hand tufted rugs :

hand-tufted cut pile carpet
Hand-tufted Woolen Rug in cut pile
The most important thing is indians are also suppliers of customised rugs in your design, shape and colours.

Choosing indian supplier is always advisable in all respect.

For more details you can visit us at or can also send us email at

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Which type of Hand-tufted carpets are in demand in dubai

Hand tufted Carpets for Dubai

Its very obvious to ask, as to which kind of carpets are mostly in demand in dubai?

I say hand-tufted will ask me why? i will say that this is the one kind of carpet, which passes through all the norms mentioned by the consultants of any project, because of durability, outcome of designs, faster production and above all, its handmade.


Handtufted carpets in different wools and patterns 

The wools are categorised as newzealand wool carpets, where they say 100% newzealand wool, but the prices of 100% newzealand woolen yarn are so high, so we are also using blended yarn of indian and newzealand wool, to make the price moderate, which have all the similar feel, look etc.

These kind of carpets are mostly manufactured in india, by manufacturers like us, you can check at or for more details

or you may also email us at or

These kind of rugs are also being customised in your design, sizes and colours.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Best hand-tufted carpet manufacturers, in India

Best hand-tufted carpet manufacturers, in India

There are some websites where you can find the manufacturers of handmade carpets, which also includes handtufted carpets. : for your custom rugs and carpets requirements : for all types of carpets : for hand-knotted rugs, in different patterns and designs

http://www.shaggy-rugs/ : for your different types of shag rugs and carpets
http://www. : for your customised requirements of tibetan area rugs : for your silk carpets and rugs demand

To make the selection, visit their website, and other relevant things. Once you are satisfy email them respectively, or you may also send us email at if you have any more queries.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hand-tufted carpets manufactured in modern or say contemporary designs

Hand-tufted carpets manufactured in modern or say contemporary designs

This Video specifies some of the designs of handtufted carpets which are manufactured  in contemporary or say modern Designs.

The purpose of showing this video is to have you an idea of the patterns, designs which can normally be made in handtufted. For more details you are always welcome to write us at or can visit at the website at

Actual weaving and manufacturing of handtufted carpets in India

 Actual weaving and manufacturing of handtufted carpets in India

Hand-tufted carpets weaving in India are mostly PURE HAND-TUFTING, by this we mean that in Indian the handmade tufted carpets weaving is made by pushing the leaver of gun of each point, its not robotic handtufting gun gun, where you just have to hold the tufted gun machine and direct as per the design…

This makes Indian handtufted carpets different from other manufacturing countries.

When one asks, what is the difference, we say when you purchase handmade carpets, it should be hand-made, without use of an y electric or machine equipment. 
Hand-tufted Gun machine
Hand-tufted Gun machine
Robotic gun machine
Robotic gun machine
Hand weaving shows the actual touch and class of weaving, not like mechanical.

You may please visit us the following link to see how the hand-tufted carpets are being manufactured.

or may also email us at or wih your queries.

Use of Bamboo silk yarn in manufacturing handtufted carpets

Use of Bamboo silk yarn in manufacturing handtufted carpets

Hand-tufted carpets made in bamboo silk is having more and more demand. As against viscose yarn(artificial silk yarn), the clients are choosing bamboo silk yarn as better option.

It may be noted that as against design carpets, plain carpets in solid colours are being in demand. We have many available colours in bamboo silk hand-made carpets. Being manufacturers, we have always choosen to have a range with us, to offer something different to the clients. Different sizes can be made with any of these or your choosen colours.

Hand-tufted Bamboo silk carpet
Plain Hand-tufted Bamboo silk carpet

colours of bamboo silk rugs
colour of bamboo silk for handmade carpets
bamboo silk for handtufted carpets
colour of bamboo silk for handloom rugs

colour of bamboo silk for carpets
Bamboo silk carpet
Light shade Bamboo silk

These Bamboo silk are also being used in loom knotted, handloom , double back which looks like hand-knotted carpets from back.

For more details you may contact us at or at

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Custom hand-tufted rugs manufacturers

Custom hand-tufted rugs manufacturers

I have checked a website and have find that they have clearly and very specifically mentioned everything related to custom rugs as under :

1. They have define as to what are custom rugs and carpets ?

2. What are the process or say how they are made?

The above 2 points have all the details, you can check them at :
Custom-Hand-tufted rugs
Custom Hand-tufted rugs

These custom rugs are made in hand-tufted, hand-knotted mainly and sometimes into hand-woven.

Please email us at for details

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Custom Rugs-Hand-tufted pattern in high low pattern in wool

Custom Hand-tufted rugs in high low pattern :

When we say hand-tufted rug in high-low pattern, this means that any design which is goiving effect of some portion which is high and some which is low.

Please see herewith the picture of this pattern, in 2 colours.
custom hand-tufted rugs
custom hand-tufted rugs

These types are very much in demand by interiors designers and decorators of hotels, resorts, or any client who nee single rug in their colour, customised.

For any more details you can contact us

Friday, September 20, 2013

hand tufted wool rugs made in india

hand tufted wool rugs made in india

Most of the hand-tufted rugs are made from high grade yarns, with designs having great style, texture and effects. Different pile heights, combination of different types of yarn, different type of colours, and designs, makes the rug a complete rug.

hand-tufted carpets in high low pattern in newzealand wool
hand-tufted carpets in high low pattern in newzealand wool
The hand-tufted rugs are popularily also being used for wall to wall carpets in addition to the area rugs. When we talk about as to what is this hand-tufted rugs there are many measures which comes to mind, like cost difference, value, life span of the rug etc. with a gun, which is punching gun, the wool is inserted on canvas stretched on frame, on which the trace is impressed with use of indigo, on trace paper, and accordingly with the map in front of the weaver, the colours are filled in the designs. Its like painting by  a painter. When we check about the cost issue, hand-tufted rugs are cheap in cost as compared to hand-knotted rugs, but the life of hand-tufted is less than hand-knotted.

All the dealers, wholesalers, retailers, distributors, who are dealing in handmade rugs, will definetly have the hand-tufted rugs as one of the important range with them.

hand-tufted carpets in loop-cut pattern in newzealand wool
hand-tufted carpets in loop-cut pile in newzealand wool
May they be from any part of country, hand-tufted rugs are mostly in demand and these are regularly manufactured in all the designs, which are possible in most of the cases. When we say that anything you draw it, can be mostly made into rugs, through hand-tufted weaving.

We have been developing many different styles, and material to enhance the craze of this handmade rug, the development has gone upto such extent that its not easy without turning the rug back to make it out whether the rug you are buying is hand-tufted or hand-knotted.

There have been many cases when this hand-tufted rugs have overcome the other patterns of weaving like hand-knotted, hand-woven, or any other weaving. The designs may be Oriental/Persian/contemporary.

When you search for hand-tufted rugs in India, or any where in world you will find this as best. These are mostly available in USA, U.K, AUSTRALIA, NEWZEALAND, SWEDEN, NORWAY, ITALY, SPAIN,              FRANCE.

Designers who wish to have their rugs made in custom form, mostly choose this style of weaving. This is most convenient form of weaving the bespoke rugs or wholesale rugs, being fast in manufacturing and finishing. To enhance the floor area of your room or such other places, this one is mostly recommended, shapes can be rectangular, square, cut shape, round…all can be very well made in hand-tufted pattern. Once you get this type of rug made in your design, you will come to know that you have chosen the best option.

These are dry cleaning recommended, with some small care to be taken while cleaning.

We can always be contacted through emails with your suggestions, enquries, comments at

Its not important who you are, you may even be a consumer who wants the rug for your home or anyplace, do let us know.

Sunday, September 01, 2013



Handtufted rugs are in high demand in many cases due to its cost effectiveness, faster production and its look similar to other types of handmade rugs and carpets.

Hand-tufted with tight weave/normal weave :

When we get hand-tufted rugs manufactured, the first issue comes as to which kind of weaving pattern has to be adopted, whether it has to be dense rug with tight weave or thick rug with loose weave. The weaving pattern has directly relation with the the type of wool or say the pile material to be used in a rug. Here is the time we inform that there are 2 main kind of wools being used in making hand-tufted rugs…

  1. blended wool (mix of New Zealand wool and Indian Bikaner wool),
  2. 100% newzealand wool

Both the above may be used independently or with the use of viscose yarn.

Pile height of hand-tufted rugs :

Handtufted rugs in many cases are made in thick pile…moderate pile for high end client is 10-12mm, but this can be made upto 20mm in many cases. It may be noted that the consumption of wool in a rug have direct linkage with the pile height. Direct rule is that more the pile height, less the density of rug will be. Pile may be 4mm or 20mm or any between these are mostly manufactured in wool that too in hand tufted pattern.

Backing of hand-tufted rugs :

After the rugs are manufactured there is latex being used to fix the pile, in case of hotel rugs SBR latex which has fire retardant properties are being used, with which net is pasted as primary backing, if secondary backing is needed we use cotton canvas as per the requirement.

If you have any queries regarding the same you may contact us at we are manufacturers of hand tufted rugs and can solve all the issues in better way.