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hand tufted wool rugs made in india

hand tufted wool rugs made in india

Most of the hand-tufted rugs are made from high grade yarns, with designs having great style, texture and effects. Different pile heights, combination of different types of yarn, different type of colours, and designs, makes the rug a complete rug.

hand-tufted carpets in high low pattern in newzealand wool
hand-tufted carpets in high low pattern in newzealand wool
The hand-tufted rugs are popularily also being used for wall to wall carpets in addition to the area rugs. When we talk about as to what is this hand-tufted rugs there are many measures which comes to mind, like cost difference, value, life span of the rug etc. with a gun, which is punching gun, the wool is inserted on canvas stretched on frame, on which the trace is impressed with use of indigo, on trace paper, and accordingly with the map in front of the weaver, the colours are filled in the designs. Its like painting by  a painter. When we check about the cost issue, hand-tufted rugs are cheap in cost as compared to hand-knotted rugs, but the life of hand-tufted is less than hand-knotted.

All the dealers, wholesalers, retailers, distributors, who are dealing in handmade rugs, will definetly have the hand-tufted rugs as one of the important range with them.

hand-tufted carpets in loop-cut pattern in newzealand wool
hand-tufted carpets in loop-cut pile in newzealand wool
May they be from any part of country, hand-tufted rugs are mostly in demand and these are regularly manufactured in all the designs, which are possible in most of the cases. When we say that anything you draw it, can be mostly made into rugs, through hand-tufted weaving.

We have been developing many different styles, and material to enhance the craze of this handmade rug, the development has gone upto such extent that its not easy without turning the rug back to make it out whether the rug you are buying is hand-tufted or hand-knotted.

There have been many cases when this hand-tufted rugs have overcome the other patterns of weaving like hand-knotted, hand-woven, or any other weaving. The designs may be Oriental/Persian/contemporary.

When you search for hand-tufted rugs in India, or any where in world you will find this as best. These are mostly available in USA, U.K, AUSTRALIA, NEWZEALAND, SWEDEN, NORWAY, ITALY, SPAIN,              FRANCE.

Designers who wish to have their rugs made in custom form, mostly choose this style of weaving. This is most convenient form of weaving the bespoke rugs or wholesale rugs, being fast in manufacturing and finishing. To enhance the floor area of your room or such other places, this one is mostly recommended, shapes can be rectangular, square, cut shape, round…all can be very well made in hand-tufted pattern. Once you get this type of rug made in your design, you will come to know that you have chosen the best option.

These are dry cleaning recommended, with some small care to be taken while cleaning.

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