Sunday, September 01, 2013



Handtufted rugs are in high demand in many cases due to its cost effectiveness, faster production and its look similar to other types of handmade rugs and carpets.

Hand-tufted with tight weave/normal weave :

When we get hand-tufted rugs manufactured, the first issue comes as to which kind of weaving pattern has to be adopted, whether it has to be dense rug with tight weave or thick rug with loose weave. The weaving pattern has directly relation with the the type of wool or say the pile material to be used in a rug. Here is the time we inform that there are 2 main kind of wools being used in making hand-tufted rugs…

  1. blended wool (mix of New Zealand wool and Indian Bikaner wool),
  2. 100% newzealand wool

Both the above may be used independently or with the use of viscose yarn.

Pile height of hand-tufted rugs :

Handtufted rugs in many cases are made in thick pile…moderate pile for high end client is 10-12mm, but this can be made upto 20mm in many cases. It may be noted that the consumption of wool in a rug have direct linkage with the pile height. Direct rule is that more the pile height, less the density of rug will be. Pile may be 4mm or 20mm or any between these are mostly manufactured in wool that too in hand tufted pattern.

Backing of hand-tufted rugs :

After the rugs are manufactured there is latex being used to fix the pile, in case of hotel rugs SBR latex which has fire retardant properties are being used, with which net is pasted as primary backing, if secondary backing is needed we use cotton canvas as per the requirement.

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