Sunday, July 28, 2013

Handtufted carpets & rugs dubai-abu dhabi-middle east

 hand-tufted rugs dubai
hand-tufted rug abu dhabi

Handtufted rugs dubai, abu dhabi, middle east

Dubai, abu dhabi and such other middle east countries are amongst some of the places where there are many hotels, villas, apartments etc are building every time.

Amongst many things to be used,  there are always demand of handtufted rugs, handknotted carpets and such other carpets to be laid inside the desired areas.

For any demand of projects of handtufted rugs, handknotted carpets you should contact to a manufacturers who can understand and make these as per your technical specifications and requirements.

Dubai and such other places in middle east including uae have such high class demand of rugs in every respect which has to be taken care of. Some says we need handtufted rugs for guest room, some says we need handknotted carpets for lobby!! Different area, different demand. But we have to see intention of the desigers also who has designed the hotels and places as having something, some concept in their mind, this is where we as manufacturer has to hit...

You can contact us for any of your queries whether you are in dubai, abu dhabi, qatar or in any of the middle east countries. Our email I'd is
 hand-tufted rugs abu dhabi
Hand-tufted rug middle east
 hand-tufted rugs middle east
hand-tufted rugs dubai