Sunday, August 04, 2013

Hand-tufted carpet manufacturing

Hand-tufted carpet manufacturing is faster than other types.

In case of this pattern there are many different weaving pattern which is related to the density and pile height.

These days demand is of very tight weave as compared to normal weave, but we indian manufacturers since weave with ACTUAL handtufting gun(not machine handtufted), which makes the weave normal.

It has similar strength in all respect like machine tufted carpets.

Different stages of manufacturing handtufted carpets :-

There are many stages from which the handtufted carpet weaving moves...the start point is selection of designs. There are cases where sometime clients need everything, exactly same like their design to be transformed into handtufted carpets...but this is not true. There are many designs which when are too complicated are made light... the intention behind this concept is that design comes out in better shape, more clear and the carpet looks nice.

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